Study Programs
Thank you for your interest in Global University’s educational programs. We want to help you attain your educational goals through one of our study programs. These programs are designed to help you prepare for service. THE TOOLS OF GLOBAL UNIVERSITY Instructional materials produced by Global University-ICI can properly be called “tools.” These include more than 140 courses on five levels of study: Evangelism      — Presenting the gospel to unbelievers Children’s Bible Curriculum   — Helping Children grow in Christ Christian Life   — Helping new believers grow in their walk with Christ Christian Service    — Teaching believers how to work in the church Continuing Education Program   — Training ministers at the certificate and diploma level Undergraduate   — Studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree Graduate  — Studies leading to a Master of Arts and Master of Divinity Graduate School of Theology. You can earn an M.A. or an M.Div. graduate degree through our Graduate School of Theology. Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology. Our undergraduate B.A., A.A., Diploma, and Certificate programs prepare people for ministry and service. Berean School of the Bible. Through this school, we offer adult continuing education programs. These programs meet the training requirements of many local churches as well as fulfill personal educational goals. Center for Evangelism and Discipleship. Through this Center, we present study courses that help students begin Christian life, become strong disciples, and enter Christian service in local churches.
PURPOSE All of our programs have one common theme--to exalt Christ and to present God's truth to you. By working and studying together we believe people will be blessed around the world. Global University serves students in countries worldwide through a network of over 232 offices. Let us know how we can serve you today! .
FAQ: Can I enrol for a diploma or a degree, if I do not have the necessary qualifications? A. Yes. However, first you need to complete 17 undergraduate credits from Global University’s courses. Our director suggests that you enrol in one of the undergraduate certificates available in our programs. They will give you the 17 credits needed. Then, those credits will be applicable for your diploma or degree. Another option is that you take you take the Christian Service courses and complete the final exam. There are 18 courses with the value of 1 credit hour each. This may interest you if you are a fairly new Christian or and do not have higher education.