Grazio Axisa
Board of Trustees - Grazio Axisa
Grazio Axisa attended the Maltese primary and secondary school followed by Saint Augustine private college preparing students to enter the Malta dockyard. After two years as a dockyard apprentice, he was transferred to a dockyard in England in 1961 and then to Malta in 1966 serving the British Ministry of Defense. In 1969, Grazio and his wife continued this career in Scotland when Grazio obtained his first degree in Engineering. He served the Maltese Ministry of Health between 1975 and 2005 after two years in Gozo with a private company. His Masters in Clinical Engineering was obtained in 2003. After his retirement commenced in 2005 Grazio became a born Again Christian and started to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, after which time I have remained a student with Global University USA through the Global Institute of Theology Malta. Grazio graduated form GIT in there undergraduate certificates (Level 5). These are The Bible Interpretor; Christian Communication; and Christian Counseling. He is now planning to peruse a second B.A. in Bible and theology. Grazio is also a consultative board member in the Word of Life PH Church and in the Board of Trustees for GIT.