Fees for Children Curriculum
Corresponding study guides cost €2.00 for each course
Instructor's Guides €18  (includes God’s Creation,God’s Love, and God’s Help)
Sunday School Instructor's Guides
Grade 1 includes:   Who God Is   The Bible: An Exciting Book,   Jesus Gives New Life Grade 2 includes:   The Church   Sharing God’s Love   The Family Grade 3 includes:   Devotional Life   Mark’s Gospel: Bible Skills     The Holy Spirit
  Corresponding study guides cost €2.00 for each course. Each level has three lessons, therefore 3 study guides for each level
Grade 5 includes:   God’s Plan for Me   Ephesians: An Epistle   Last Things Grade 6 includes:   The Church: Its Origin and Destiny   Ministry and Missions   A Life of Faith
Grade 4 includes:   God’s People   My Witness   My Questions
Children’s Curriculum (Kindergarten)
At Global University Malta, we are committed to keep the prices as low as possible, to be affordable for our students. Our main aim is for all Christians to systematically study God’s Word. Consequently, Undergraduate courses, will cost in the average of €100 depending on the text book course and course credit hour.
Grade 1 to grade 6  Instructor’s Guide €18 for each study guide