Evangelical Library of Malta
Dr. Randy Hedlun Historic visit October 5-9, 2012 focus Dean of Berean School of the Bible
Dr. Randy Hedlun, Dean of the Berean School of Bible,  visited Malta for few days. Friday evening he introduced to  the Gozo Jesus Center, (a Global University Center in  Gozo) the series of courses called "21st Century  Discipleship." It was a fiery evening and in the pictures you  can see the enthusiasm, of the students. Saturday was an  educative day for the Dean when he visited Maltese rich  historical places. He was also amazed with the beautiful views Malta  offers. On Sunday he preached at Word of Life PH Church, and Monday Dr.  Hedlun had two activities. The first was presenting donated courses to the Malta  Evangelical Library, and the second was teaching at Global Institute of Theology-Malta.  Dr. Hedlun’s main goal to visit Malta was to  encourage the students and the leadership  of  Global Institute of Theology. He also  wanted to have personal experience with  GU offices outside the United States such  as Malta and Gozo.   Follow the links above for a picture  summary of His visit. 
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