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If you decided to make your church a Global University "Learning Center," ...  You have made an excellent choice! Your church will now be able to use the tools that have helped over 1.2 million people come to Christ and nearly 10 million people grow in their relationship with the Lord. Discipleship Training Centers also receive a discount off the retail price on the purchase of materials. Getting off to the right start often spells the difference between failure and success.   Study Center / Study Group Information A study center is sponsored by a local church or other approved group that has students enrolled in Evangelism & Discipleship or Berean School of the Bible courses. A Study Group is sponsored by a local church or other approved group that has students enrolled in Undergraduate or Graduate level courses. While students are enrolled through Global University, classes are held at the local church with a local facilitator. Benefits include:   Students learn with a nationally recognized educational program. Study centers encourage comprehensive Bible study. Students share in stimulating and guided class discussions led by an approved facilitator. Group study provides an appropriate setting for students to encourage one another. Attending class encourages students to complete their course work in a timely manner. How do I start a study center/group? What is expected from the leader Spiritual maturity. The Leader (director) of the Learning center must be a dedicated student. A person who encourages others to study. Skills for the position. Does the person you are recruiting have the vision and/or administrative skills the position requires? Is the person more people oriented or task oriented? (Both can be used in a Discipleship Training Center.) Does he/she prefer to work independently or in-group with other people? The consent of his/her family. Is the person’s family supportive of what he/she will be doing? In some cases it may be possible to recruit the entire family to work with the Discipleship Training Center. Does the person have the time or will he/she make the time to fulfill the requirements of the ministry? In order to view, download, and print these files, you will need to have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Instructions for downloading and installing this free software can be found here:   Contact: Joseph Agius. + 356 79475618 - 
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You start by downloading the appropriate study level Procedures Manual and completing the Study Center/Study Group Agreement Form. Post or email the agreement form to GIT, Attn: Study Centers/Study Groups at 21 438248. Please call 21 435529 for more information.
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