Study Program
Evangelism Is Jesus God? (Atheism) If the testimonies of the world's great leaders and schools about Jesus are correct, He is the most unique person to ever live in this world. This booklet is designed to provide the atheist and agnostic with solid evidence for the divinity of Christ and lead him or her to faith.   The Right Path (Islam) Muslims today are searching for truth about Jesus. They need God's forgiveness as much as anybody. This evangelism book can assist the Muslim in finding peace with God. The Greatest Miracle (Catholicism) Is there more to religion than rites and rituals? Many Catholics long to know Jesus in a personal way. This booklet describes the greatest miracle—knowing Jesus personally. Searching for Answers (Hinduism)  Hindus need to know that God cares about them and has a plan for their lives. This evangelism booklet answers the questions of many Hindus, such as, what is the truth about God, what is life all about, and what happens after death? I AM GOD (New Age) I AM GOD New Age thinking is alive in America and Europe. This booklet discusses the main tenets of New Age belief and challenges proponents to put their beliefs to the test. Then, the good news of Jesus Christ is presented in a loving way. The Spirit World (Animism) Many people fear demons, sorcery, curses, and other unseen spiritual forces. They need to hear that Jesus Christ conquered the unseen forces of evil and offers eternal life and forgiveness of sin. This booklet helps people from animistic cultures discover new life in Christ. Freedom from Karma (Buddhism) Buddhists believe that much of what is experienced today is tied to past lives. A Buddhist believes that if good wasdone in a past life, then good will happen in this life; if bad was done, then bad will come about in this life. But the Bible teaches that a person dies only once in this life, then faces God's judgment. True peace is found only in Jesus. This book illustrates how those who believe in Karma can be set free through the love of Jesus Christ. Absolutes or Not (Post Modernism) We live in a postmodern era in which long-held assumptions, traditions, systems, and beliefs are challenged. Postmodernism affects the world of religion as well. This evangelism booklet helps postmodern thinkers evaluate intellectually the ramifications of their worldview and presents Jesus Christ as the one true Savior of the world. The Counterfeit Wealth (Materialism) Many today think money will bring happiness. But time and time again, news tells of another rich person whose life has spiraled out of control. What brings true happiness to a person's life? This book shows that knowing Jesus is the only thing that is everlasting. Other materials for reaching specific groups such as children exist as well
Introducing Jesus Christ to the people of the world has been the chief aim of Global University-ICI since its inception. The primary tool to accomplish this important task has been a basic course entitled: The Great Questions of Life, which has been produced in print, audio, video, and electronic media formats. Global University offers other courses designed to lead all peoples to Christ, such as listed here