Dear Student, Since you are studying with Global Institute of Theology, you can benefit from the EuroPass Supplement. However, in some programs, such as the Christian Life and the Christian Service, you will require to do more work to meet the requirements of our accreditation. Consequently you will need to inform the GIT office with your intention before you apply for these courses or programs. Please indicate this by filling the form below. We are always available for you if have any questions. Joseph Agius National Representative
We are very happy to announce to you that Global University has identified the Maltese office as the Global EuroPass Center. This means that now, GU students from any part of the world can apply from Malta, through their national representative and their respective office, so that they can benefit from Euro Pass. GIT’s recognition by the NCFHE made this possible. One of the main benefits is that GU credits will have the same credit value in 52 countries.